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Freeze food in smaller portions, so that it thaws quickly and evenly.

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A Change of Appetite: where delicious meets healthy

Diana Henry's new cookbook celebrates the cooking of delicious healthy food. A Change of Appetite offers a new way of looking at the food we eat everyday, and how we can make each dish taste exceptional without compromising on our health. Food can be plentiful and decadent and just gorgeous but that shouldn't mean eating things that are not good for us.

Diana is the award-winning food Telegraph food writer and Nigella Lawson is a fan: '
I have always been a passionate admirer of Diana Henry's; in her, I find a kitchen kindred spirit. Her new book covers slightly new territory (I say slightly, because her robust and yet poetic attitude is still prevalent) in that it addresses what some might call 'healthy' food, but I prefer to see as 'templefood'. As ever, her recipes are gorgeously greed-inducing, and the feel of the book - the beauty of its photographs should be mentioned here - is calmly but gloriously uplifting.'

Here are just three of the recipes from A Change of Appetite – a new Turkish take on kofta, home-made goat's curd with blueberries bursting with sweetness and goodness and a cake that begs to be eaten in small sumptuous slices. You can buy her book at Amazon
(just €12.99 on Kindle/under €20 hardcover) –  just click on the book image below or you will find a link at the end of each recipe.

From Diana Henry, A Change of Appetite: where delicious meets healthy.

Red Lentil and Carrot Kofte with Pomegranates   
'Really easy to make, pretty and moreish. If you can't get Turkish pepper paste – which has a really vibrant flavour – use harissa', Diana says.

Goat's Curd, Blueberries and Watercress   
'Goat's curd – which tastes like light, creamy, almost 'unformed' goat's cheese – is quite hard to find unless you live near a top-notch cheesemonger', she says. 'But it's a cinch to make. It doesn't have to be made into a 'proper' dish, either. Spread it on bread then drizzle with olive oil, or a little flower honey.'

Orange and Pomegranate Cake recipe   
'Not sugar-free I know but, as cakes go, not bad. Serve thin slices with Greek yogurt. It's very, very moist (almost pudding-like) so be careful when you're moving it off the base of the cake tin and on to a plate.'


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