Tip for boiling potatoes

Don’t add salt to the water when you are boiling potatoes – this stops them splitting. Instead drain them, and then season.

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How to cook a sausages

Here's how cook a sausage so you extract maximum flavour.

Why do we need to explain how to cook a sausage you may ask? That's a good question – everytime I see someone cooking sausages, they seem to fry the hell out of them, with smoke coming out of the pan, and oil burning the outside before the inside gets a chance to cook.

Then when they look cooked on the outside they are served up, without a thought as to whether the flavour could be better. A good sausage deserves respect – it takes such a lot of work and thought to make a good one.

First you need to buy a good sausage that will hold its shape, and is not loaded with bread instead of pork. You will know a cheap sausage because it will burst when the bread inside expands.

1. Put a little oil in a pan, and heat on medium heat.
2.  When the oil is hot, put the sausages in the pan, and leave for a minute or two, turning once or twice.
3. When they are coloured, turn the heat down to the lowest heat and leave to cook, checking on them every so often and turning them.
4. Sausages need about 20 minutes to 30 minutes over a low heat to get caramelised and to cook through.

– If you use a stainless steel pan to cook sausages they tend to cook quicker and the caramelisation ends up on the pan.
– A non-stick pan uses less oil and the sausages hold their carmelisation.
– I think cast-iron is the best as it allows the sausage to caramelise and you don't need as much oil.

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