Tip for boiling potatoes

Donít add salt to the water when you are boiling potatoes Ė this stops them splitting. Instead drain them, and then season.

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How to make Chilli Oil   
Make a batch of home-made chilli oil and can use it to spice up a bought pizza, add zing to a toasted cheese sandwich or turn a plate of spaghetti into something more remarkable. Put it in a decorative bottle and it becomes a gift.

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How to make Hollandaise Sauce in a Blender   
Hollandaise sauce is one of the classic master sauces. It is usually made in a bowl over hot water so making it in a blender is easier. Because the eggs are not fully cooked, you should not give this blender version of hollandaise sauce to vulnerable people or the elderly.

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How to make Mayonnaise   
You will be shocked at how fattening mayonnaise is when you make it yourself! However, it is delicious and so well worth making. You can keep it in the fridge for a few days if you cover it and use the freshest eggs.

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How to make Mustard   
It is easy to make mustard at home. All you need are mustard seeds, some strong vinegar, red wine and a pinch of salt. You can usually find mustard seeds in a health shop.

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How to make tomato concasse   
Concasse means to chop, and that's what tomato concasse is: just chopped tomatoes. But first you need to peel the tomatoes. They are used in nearly every cuisine from Italian to French cooking. You can tomato concasse as a garnish for fish dishes or on top of bruscetta as well as an ingredient.

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